There are several types of above ground pool cover, each with a specific purpose. The benefits of a pool roof depend on the type of covering you choose. As an example: Discover more about automatic pool covers through

Above pool covers: what are the options?

The solar layer above the ground

Above-ground sun cover is typically used in early spring and fall, often in conjunction with pool heating. Sunshades are like "balloon wrap" for your pool. During the day, sunscreens can raise the temperature of the water by several degrees, but the real benefits come at night when the air layer acts as an insulator to retain the heat generated during the day.

Hard surface for above ground pools

A hard pool cover is made of one or more layers of vinyl and prevents leaves, twigs, and other debris from entering the pool water. By blocking out all sunlight, they also prevent algae growth, evaporation, and chemical breakdown in the pond.

The cover of the above-ground pond is made of net

The mesh cover is very popular. They are placed at the end of the bathing season and discarded when the bathing season begins again. They consist of a fine mesh of green or black color and are attached to the pool like a thick blanket with a water bag or weight, pincers, or another shell.

This cover is specifically designed to prevent leaves and other debris from escaping your pool while allowing rain and melting snow and ice to flow into the pool below. However, it is important to note that they are not strong enough to protect children or animals if they get into the pool.