Skipping is a great exercise as it helps to burn up the unwanted calories. It aids in toning up the body. Besides, it helps to improve upon the agility and flexibility of the muscles. It helps to enhance the reflexes as well as the coordination. This is a great and popular cardio exercise. 

It helps to pump up the heart rate just like that of a runner, but without putting too much strain on the knees. You can do skipping if you wish to strengthen your calves, arms, shoulders as well as your abdomen. To know more benefits of skipping visit

You would see skipping ropes being used by boxers too, as this helps to increase their endurance, timing and coordination. For the same reason, many athletes, swimmers, gymnasts, football and volleyball players do skipping as part of their training regime.

The main reason why weight watchers use skipping ropes is because this helps to increase their metabolic rate which helps to reduce weight. And this is an absolutely fun way to reduce weight.

Skipping ropes is an exercise for which you need no trainer. You would have seen little girls skipping in the park or even on the roadside. The trick is to ensure that you are wearing good quality shoes.