Although CNC machines require little human intervention in the process of the desired end product development, human intervention is still required when it comes to computer software for programming CNC machines. A machine CNC programmer must understand programming, so they were able to accurately tell the machine what to do.

CNC machines are programmed through a sentence like structure that is written in code that he understood. Each axis that the machine uses, you need directions for the development of the final project. If you forgot to program one of the axes, the product will not be changed; in the same respect, if you program one, the axis will do what the program tells them and not what you want them to do.

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A CNC machine operator to help in the end. programmers write code to machine, but the operator is responsible for downloading the program into the machine and get the machine set up to really do the job.

Operators may have to arrange the tools in the tool holder to the engine, the position of the materials required for the job in the machine, and then start the engine. If the experienced CNC machine operators, they will begin to learn the different sounds that the machine makes and will be able to tell just by the sound if there is a problem with the machine. A more experienced CNC machine operators needed to do this type of work.