If you have a metal roof on your building, this article will help you save time, money, and headaches. Commercial general contractors are those who provide pre-engineered and traditional buildings to customers.  You can also search online to hire experts for commercial roof entrances.

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Monolithic roofing systems are the most common type of roofing material that we use. We primarily use standing seam metal roofs from Butler Manufacturing. This applies to all metal roofs made for the U.S.A.

A steel roof that is well installed can last 25 to 35 years with minimal maintenance and no costly re-seaming or patching.

  • Here are some tips to extend the life of your roof.

  • A contractor should do any work on metal roofing.

  • At least once a year, inspect your roof.

  • Bi-annually, in Spring and Fall, clean your gutters.

  • Make sure that roof curbs are free from debris.

  • After roof mechanical unit maintenance, thoroughly clean and scrub the area.

  • Roof workers should be cautious – they can cause roof punctures.

  • All roof penetrations, curbs, and pipe flashings should be inspected and sealed as needed.

  • If there has been a severe storm or another weather event, inspect the roof. Contact your builder.

  • For proper condensate disposal, make sure to check your A/C units often.

  • As necessary, empty the evaporation pans of A/C units to stop water from leaking onto the roof. As necessary, remove any excess ice or snow.

  • Use Unflex 500 to recoat corroded surfaces. It is compatible with most standing seam roof coatings.

  • Never walk on the roof panel or structurally supporting roof.