Let's face it: we love our pets! In fact, many people consider them to be part of the family. But have you ever stopped to think who will take care of your beloved animal after you're gone?

Of course, no one can care for Spot or Mr. Whiskers the way you do but if you're suddenly no longer able to provide the care your pet needs, someone will have to step in and take over — now wouldn't you like to have some control over who provides that care and more importantly, the kind of care they give? You can also look for the best organization for saving an animal’s life.

Fortunately, there's a way to do just that.

What is a pet trust?

A pet trust is a legal arrangement to provide for the care of a pet in the event of the pet owner's death or disability.

Many attorneys that handle trust law (wills, power of attorney, or estate law) also handle pet trust law issues.

Also, there are companies that can be found on the Internet where an individual can set up a pet trust fund.

How does trust work?

The pet owner sets aside money or property to a trusted person or a bank, legally referred to as the trustee.

This trustee is responsible for making the arrangements for the proper care of your pet according to your instructions.