Contractors have had long-running discussions about the best way to clean a roof. Many trade associations in the construction industry have also debated how to clean a domestic roof. In many cases, roof sanitation on the Gold Coast can actually increase the value of many properties.

Roofer associations warn homeowners against allowing high-pressure water washers to clean their roofs. They also discourage their use for cleaning algae and black streaks off roofs, as they can cause more damage than good.

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Manufacturers are aware of safety concerns about high-pressure washers and have begun to design what they call "soft washers" for homeowners and contractors.

They are made up of mild surfactants, eco-friendly algae and moss neutralizers, and gentle detergents. This allows them to clean even the most difficult roofs. These tips will help you make your roof cleaning easy if you choose to have it done by a soft roof cleaning contractor.

1. You should ask for three references from satisfied customers before you hire a constructor to work in your house.

2. Do not hire contractors without adequate insurance, especially "roof cleaning" insurance. Most pressure washing companies and cleaning firms will have sufficient insurance coverage for general cleaning.

3. The quality of the company's business image is a good indicator of how professional a roof cleaning service is. Quality flyers and business cards printed in high quality are a sign of a professional company. These are excellent indicators of how high-quality the work you will receive.