Silk was used as a screen in earlier days, so the term "silkscreen" came into existence. The world of graphics often refers to silkscreen as serigraphy.  Printing technologies and equipment are advancing quickly as a result of which various signs have marked themselves in the world of printing be it on fabrics, graphics, or any other thing.

Equipment used for screen printing

The first and foremost step is to select a particular screen and then mount it firmly on aluminum or wooden frame. A stencil is then carved on the screen by getting the spaces blocked to attain the desired design. There are many companies that provide screen printing clothing & embroidery services in New Jersey.

screen printing clothing

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Quality of the ink to be used should be considered depending on the design to be printed and also the substance on which the design will be printed. The movement of the mesh is controlled by a rubber blade squeegee that is fixed tightly with a rigid handle. The base of the machine holds the substance and helps the screen to print the design on the substance.

Screen printing application

The substance onto which the printing has to be done can comprise various things like silk, fabrics, cotton, T-shirts, polyester,  and the marketing industry as well. The application of screen printing is widespread with the use of quality inks.

The Technique

The screen or the fine mesh firmly holds onto a frame and a stencil is carved out from it of the desired design. The screen is then placed on top of the desired substance or material. Using a fill bar the inks are filled into the openings of the stencil.