The brand Vilano is well-known to most bikers. This bike is a great choice for beginners and entry-level bikers. There are many colors and sizes available, as well as models that can be used by children, women, and men of all heights. Convenient Flip Switch.

This single-speed fixed gear Vilano fixie bike is ideal for casual cycling on the roads or commute. You can talk to us(which is also known as “Rede mit uns“in german language)to gather information about single speed rear wheels.

Riders can change from fixed gear to single-speed by simply flipping the back wheel. You can also switch between fixed gear and single speed using the rear flip-flop hub. There are three sizes and seven color options to choose from, so you're sure to find the right one. 

This bicycle is built with aluminum and is very sturdy. This bike is able to withstand a few bumps and will make it easy to ride on roads or commute around the city. Specifications and Features The handlebars and alloy stem look great together with the included pedals and urban saddle. You have caliper brakes as well as a flip-flop rear hub. 

The Critical Cycles company builds fixed-gear bikes for commuters and bike enthusiasts. The horizontal, tig-welded frame is ideal for street riding tricks and for riding around the city. The bike is a single-speed standard bike and is considered to be a fixie urban. This brand offers a wide range of colors and three sizes. It is a great choice for bikers.

This fixie bike is great for commuters and speed, as well as for those who want to have a fun ride. This bike is primarily designed for flat terrain, but bikers have been using it for slight slopes with great success. This fixie's steel frame and drop-bar configuration provide it with strength and durability.