The process of welding stainless steel is a matter of making use of the right equipment and deciding on the right procedure to complete the task.There are many methods to learn to weld stainless steel.

TIG technique is among the most difficult methods to master to weld stainless-steel, however, it's the most satisfying welding stainless steel method and offers the most pure link between the base metal as well as filler metal.

welding stainless steel

A tig is a process that requires more expertise, but it is identical to the Oxy-Acetylene gas method. Tig welding is performed using a tiny handheld torch that contains an electrode made of tungsten to form an arc. 

Tungsten is utilized because it has a very large melting temperature. The tungsten tip when it is struck against the metal, causes the arc to be formed and starts the process of fusion. At this point, a filler rod is added to provide material to the joint. This is the point where the operator requires the stability of a hand.

For the basic welding of stainless , the process of mig or arc will do the trick, but for those who require a high quality finish or are building something that needs the highest quality finish, like commercial food mixing components, the tig welding machine is the ideal choice. 

Just like everything else, using the correct procedure and the proper training will get you to professional status with best results in stainless steel welding.