You’re taking the trip; you’ve already decided that. to stay everything on target, you’ll got to confirm the time leading up to your departure is spent making smooth transition into your traveling life. I’ll call this your “exit strategy”.

Think of this strategy as a line to your departure day, then consider a puppy trying to steer that line. whenever the puppy strays off the road (due to sparkly objects, the smell of cooking steak, someone trying to form him do tricks) pick him up and put him back on. Always remember, at the top of the road is you aged the plane!

Your exit strategy will function best if you write down a timeline of once you got to do things to urge done by the time you allow. A written timeline will make it 100% easier to recollect what you’ve forgotten. If you would like help putting a timeline together, there are options online.

Some major parts:

Set up your job sabbatical or organize your remote working schedule.

  • Deal with your pets, house, and car.
  • Get passports/visas.
  • Buy plane tickets.
  • Get travel insurance.

Book a few nights of accommodation within the first few cities you’ll be traveling too

Give yourself smooth arrivals in foreign cities by knowing where you’ll be going once you get off the plane. Book a few nights’ accommodations before you allow for the primary few cities (you can always extend the stay if the situation and price were right) then book accommodations further along as you recover at predicting your needs.

It’s probably not an honest idea to book stays quite a month or two ahead since things may change dramatically on your itinerary and canceling or changing reservations is usually trickier than booking them.