LED strip lights are an effective lighting solution for homes and businesses. It can be easily installed either for temporary party lighting or permanent display purposes. 

It is the perfect solution for under-kitchen lighting and the choice of different colors provides many fun options for decorative lighting. You can get more information about LED strip lights installation guides through the web.

led strip lights

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Here's a quick guide to demonstrate how easy it is to install your own LED strip light:

1. The most important step of all – decide exactly where to place your LED lights for the best effect. The LED strip is easy to install, but you don't want to change your mind any further after installing it or you might get confused. 

2. The old saying "measure twice, reduce once" also applies to LED strip lights. The tape has marked points where it can be cut safely.

3. Check the measurements one last time before cutting the tape into the strips you want. Always cut the mark indicated on the tape. 

4. Ensure that the surface on which you are installing the LED strip is clean and dry. Peel the vinyl back from the duct tape. Press firmly on the bar as planned.

5. Connect the strip to your power supply, which is an LED driver or an ordinary power cable. Turn on the light!