When shopping at the mall or even the supermarket, unless you have a personal favorite, your hands will automatically reach for items with tempting labels. New items are always products whose label and packaging entice you to buy.

This sticker is your seller. So if you do it right, you can get more customers than you expect. This is the Power of Good Labeling Labels are also important because they provide information to customers about your product.

There are many companies that also provide custom color packaging label, Paint Can Labels, sticker, and tin printing services.

If you want to print product labels, here is a list of things to note:


The label size is the first aspect to consider. Obviously it depends on the size of the package. If your composition includes items of different sizes, you can create 2-3 label sizes so you can use them across your entire range.

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There are two main types of product labels. There is a label with the cut size as well as on the roll. Size versions are cut into sections of rectangles, squares, rounds, ovals and other geometric shapes.


The material used to print product labels determines the texture. Most label printing companies offer paper and plastic as two material options, plus gloss, high-gloss UV gloss, emboss, and webbing as texture options.

Design and color

Choosing a design and color can damage or damage your product label. The product name, company name and logo must be placed in a clearly visible place. You can attach images to labels because they convey a message better than words. However, make sure it fits the product. The overall design should be simple but attractive.