New cloud computing technology has evolved with open sources. New ideas are now a technology solution for companies with increasing needs for complex and scalable technologies. The sophisticated kubernetes warehouse solution has become more efficient for the development and IT start-up operation team and established companies. 

Image Source: Google

This is the most efficient open source platform for automatic supply, scaling, monitoring, and operating cloud application containers. It contains all key elements with greater scalability than full container-oriented infrastructure. 

Because automation is still an integral part of IT, professional resource optimization, where end users are added to new features by increasing resources, becomes clearer with this option.

Integration through cloud containers:

There are many reasons why companies turn to the cloud platform and container. Get rid of heavy and unbearable architecture; Introduction of small, fast, but portable technology platforms have the best impact. 

Instead of hardware virtualization, the most often delivered applications through containers that focus on virtualization at the operating system level. In this way we can end the host limit by choosing a file system that can be executed, libraries, etc.

Add the latest workflow automation and easy load balancing with Kubernetes. This allows application containers to be planned and initiated and the environment-oriented environment to be developed. Both on physical or virtual machines, can be used on all platforms without problems.