Orgonite is a metaphysical device made from petrochemical resins, organic materials, crystals, and metal files. Orgonite continues to work to clean the environment from negative things and harmful elements of the environment. Beautifully organized and kept in a constant state of existence, orgonite attracts and repels "orgone" energy, creating a cleansing effect.

Organizational energy is bioenergy; Our inner energy as well as the energy in our environment, is also called "Chi" or "Prana". You can also buy orgonite pyramid gem devices online.

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Orgonite is said to retain the projective and receptive energy of organic and inorganic matter and keep it under a constant state of stimulation. Each orgonite contains quartz crystals that release charge when pressed.

Metal scratches repel or project orgone or qi, while organic resins and other organic materials attract or retain orgone. The resin shrinks as it cools and therefore constantly exerts pressure on the contents. All this leads to charge penetration, which helps to purify and balance stagnant and negative energies and leads to a balanced state.

The orgonite pyramid like crystals and colors can be used for a variety of specific purposes, depending on the properties of the materials they contain. For example, orgonite quartz rose will help you awaken a sense of harmony, affection, respect and forgiveness while at the same time increasing your ability to love yourself and enter into meaningful love relationships.

This rose quartz orgonite stem is made of metal flakes, resin, and rose quartz crystals. Orgonite has many uses depending on the type of material used and is a great addition to any room, office, spa or work area.