Nvidia Shield TV Review 2018

What is NVIDIA Shield TV in 2018?

If you are looking for a streaming device that can actually give you the best in gaming and entertainment, then you should definitely check out the new and improved streaming device from NVIDIA.

The original, first version of this device was released in 2015 and, even though it was attractive and useful, it was still quite bulky and just mediocre, with no extraordinary features.

But now, with the new size, Android Nougat 7.0 system, a game controller and a new remote control, the tables have turned. Let’s now go into the details!

Now, this device can offer you many things. It is not simply a casting device, but rather a full operating console, so in a way, a combination of a streaming device, great gaming system and a smart home device.

One of the biggest advantages is it being an Android box, not only because it is easy to setup, but due to the Nougat 7.0 being a great and reliable system as well. The main idea was to use the Google app on your phone, connect to the Shield TV, and – voila, you’re basically done, because once your Android (Google) account is signed in, the device will automatically subscribe to all of the services you use, such as Netflix, YouTube, Spotify, HBO, Hulu, Amazon Video, Showtime and many, many more.

What is important is that with the reduction of size – it’s 40 % smaller than the original version and up to 80 % lighter – the quality of the processor was not influenced. Inside we still have the awesome Tegra X1 that is going to be of top-notch quality not only for 2018, but for many years to come, since it was said to be at least twice as powerful as any of the competing streaming devices.

Why is it so useful?

First of all, it connects all of your Google accounts and has the built-in Google assistant that will easily answer your every question in two forms – speaking the answer and providing you information cards on display as well! It is able to replace many different devices combined and save you the trouble of having up to 5 devices connected to your TV and having to deal with all those cable cords. It not only supports high definition 1080p and 4K videos, but is upgraded with 4K HDR videos, as we all know that NVIDIA is famous and really takes pride in their products. The internal memory is 16GB and it supports two extra USB 3.0 flash drives, for all of your storage and entertainment needs. If you’re not a fan of Wi-Fi connection, don’t worry, there is a port for Ethernet cable on the box, as well as HDMI 2.0a port. Moreover, it supports high definition audio and has a Bluetooth 4.1.

Every app that has been tested was at every moment fully working and updated, so really, there is absolutely no better choice for 2018 if you’re interested in something like this!

Accessories that come with it

Along with the box, you will get a game controller and a remote control. More importantly than just looking great, the new and improved controller has a battery life that will blow your mind – one charging session will ensure you get  60 hours of gaming. Triggers on the controller are no less than excellent and we have the dual vibration feedback feature on it. Another improvement is that the position of headphone jack has been moved to the more convenient location – just under the home button.

When it comes to the remote control, the batteries it now uses are two Panasonic CR 3V ones, and are said to last at least a year, with regular use. It is made of hard plastic and now comes with your Shield (while previously you had to pay 50 $ extra). What most users find attractive about it is that has IR integrated blasters, which means you can use it to control volume and power on your receiver and TV.

Something about the design and price

NVIDIA Shield TV has such a unique style in terms of design, you could never confuse it with any other console just by the look of it, which is really cool! Modern and abstract design with famous triangular shapes in the geodesic pattern can still be found in the look of the box itself, but now is also on the controller, providing better grip in addition to fantastic looks! Additionally, every sci-fi fan will find radiant green highlights very appealing. The price might be a bit steep, but taking everything that’s been mentioned in consideration, you will definitely not regret paying this price for the simple reason of this being such a quality product that will make your life easier for many years to come!


Stay tuned…

The software that Shield uses is cutting edge, but the excitement in users grows on a daily basis, since the developers have announced many updates for the beginning of 2018. It is being talked about a major software update that is going to be unprecedented in the category. It can already do so many things, and with such a promise from the developing team, no doubt this product is going to be a top seller in 2018. They will surprise us, and have revealed just several details of the future system, such as better “memory” of the Google Assistant – it will remember your previous searches and build a context over time; voice alone control over many smart home appliances – even when your TV is turned off; availability of live TV channels and that is only the beginning so, stay tuned!


All in all, you should look at Shield as an investment with no real competition, since this product is already in the Android Most Wanted section. NVIDIA’s customers know that their standards are always the highest possible, and with the remote included in the box, you could easily say that the rest is definitely worth the price. Everything is easily accessible and with navigation tips and tricks you will be sliding through the sea of possibilities and content! Not to mention the fact that future updates may make everything even better.

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