Wearing tight pants while doing the workout is a sensitive topic for many men. There is a growing trend for men to wear tights to the gym. Some people hate it and some that I’ve noticed love to wear men’s tight pants.

Men's Pants


  1. Increased blood flow from the squeezed muscles.
  2. Allows results to be visualized during exercise.
  3. Increased knee support.
  4. Smoothness and mobility.

When you work your muscles hard, fluid and white blood cells rush to the area to repair the muscle tissue. This can lead to swelling and soreness. (No, thank you.)

By constricting the muscles, compression leggings reduce fluid buildup. This means less soreness.


  1. The bulge in the front can cause the wrong attention.
  2. Most men are not used to wearing spandex material, so it’s a little uncomfortable.
  3. Seems like trying too hard.

The disadvantages are subjective. Personally, I love training in tights, my legs have never looked better since I started. My feet are getting much better definition and quality, and my body is in the better balance because I can constantly monitor my body flow while exercising.

However, I feel more comfortable wearing shorts than tights, which makes my training experience that much more enjoyable. The idea for the 2-in-1 leggings from DEMIG came from my experience wearing leggings.

What do you think about men wearing tights?