Many hosting server providers in and around make every effort to ensure that their customers' devices are protected not only from unauthorized access but also from disasters such as a fire. This means that every data center must have correct procedures, which are not only well documented but also effectively ensure that the system operates according to security procedures.

One of the physical security measures in any server hosting facility includes a fire protection structure from coloco with high performance. They ensure that the system and all the equipment in it is protected from fire, and in this case ensure that disasters can be brought under control as quickly as possible.

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These features include buildings such as smoke and heat detection systems and an alarm system that informs staff at the facility as well as those from the fire department of the fire incident. A sprinkler system and the presence of a fire extinguisher will also help.

Another thing that a data center needs to have is access control to the server room and the facility itself, including installing outside and outside walls and surveillance cameras to monitor the movement of people inside and outside the facility.

It is recommended to use locks for doors and cabinets. Other facilities also use card access procedures to ensure that only those with official cards can enter and exit the various rooms in the center.