Today, everything seems to be personalised – from the apps that are downloaded on smartphones to the ads that are found online. Even the products are designed as per the requirements of specific demographics. If you want to explore regarding custom- sized packaging visit,

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The same is also true for packaging. Stock or ready-made packaging is slowly moving out because goods are produced in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. Sometimes the packaging is too big for the product and other times, it is too small. The only answer to this great dilemma that businesses battle before every consignment is bespoke packaging.

Custom packaging helps to save shipping fees and other expenses

If you regularly export products, you must be aware that the major carriers make use of DM or dimensional weight pricing. The shipping fees are calculated on the volume of the package, rather than only the weight. 

As per this calculation, if you use oversized boxes to ship your products that do not conform to the standard size, you could end up paying a lot of money for that wasted space. 

In addition to helping you save on shipping fees, tailored packaging will also decrease the cost of acquiring cases, boxes or crates for your cargo. For instance, if you are shipping 50 products, designing packaging as per the shape and size of your cargo is going to reduce your expenses. 

The packaging is going to be designed exactly, according to the specifications of your goods and there will be less wastage of additional materials. Your savings will particularly be high if you are exporting small-sized, odd-shaped products. The profit margin will be a bit lower when it comes to shipping large-sized products.