Shortwave band radio is a type of radio that can transmit over long distances using frequencies that are not usually used by regular radios. These frequencies are called shortwave bands because they are shorter than the waves on the regular radio frequency spectrum.  

Shortwave band radio is generally used by people who want to communicate with people in other parts of the world, or by people who want to listen to foreign broadcasts. Shortwave band radio is a type of radiofrequency that can travel great distances over the air. Military and government organizations, as well as amateur radio operators, use shortwave band radios to communicate with other countries or across the globe. 

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Shortwave band radios are also popular among news broadcasters, who use them to send breaking news and weather updates to listeners all over the world. It is a type of radio transmission that uses frequencies higher than those used by AM or FM broadcast radio. Shortwave bands are typically around 10-30 MHz, while AM and FM operate at around 1 MHz and 8 MHz, respectively. 

Shortwave band radio is popular in areas where FM or AM reception is poor or nonexistent. These frequencies can't be received by most radios, but shortwave band radios specifically designed for this type of transmission are available. 

They're also popular as an auxiliary listening device for people who live in areas with strong broadcast signals. Shortwave band radio systems can be very large and expensive, but they're also capable of carrying a lot of information over long distances.