Think of an adult daycare center as a part-time assisted living facility. All of the same services are provided and they are subject to the same laws as an assisted living facility. However, they are only open during the day and no one spends the night. You can look for an adult daycare center online via

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Let's talk about the assisted living facility first. An assisted living facility is the middle child in the three stages of retirement living. As we age, we may not need medical care yet but we may need some help moving around, eating, dressing. This is when the middle child steps in, the assisted living facility.

These facilities are designed to assist you or your loved ones with these everyday activities and supply you with social interaction. 

This type of assisted living is for the elderly or adults with disabilities who live in their own homes. This type of care must have an assisted living facility license and provide some basic services like self-care training, nutritional meals, social and leisure activities, and respite care.

Ask the adult daycare center if they offer other services. These additional services may include special diets, health assessments, physical or occupational therapy, counseling, transportation, or speech therapy.