Wheelchair ramps have gained a huge popularity amongst people over the years. Wheelchair ramps have evolved with the time and modern science. The development in the field of medical science and technology has made wheelchairs more safer, affordable, energy efficient, and attractive. 

Solid, aluminum, and roll up wheelchairs ramps are most commonly used ramps. The popularity of these ramps has significantly given rise to misconceptions and myths. 

Aluminum wheelchairs are ideal for all types of entrances as they are easy to install and easy to reconfigure. Aluminum wheelchairs are lightweight but stronger than wood ramps. They are better than wood ramps which require proper maintenance.

Aluminum wheelchairs are quite easy to install. In fact, a professional installer can configure the most difficult ramp in less than one day. In comparison, wood ramps usually take two day for installation. There is a wide variety of wheelchair ramps to choose from.

Wheelchair ramps are considered to be more efficient than other ramps available in the market. Although the price of these ramps is a little bit higher, it can be compensated with increased ease of use and overall versatility. 

The ramps must have proper length and width to accommodate wheelchair comfortably. You must ensure the weight and capacity of the ramps.