However, a joint discussion of the key issues already mentioned is very important. There is no substitute. It can also help you develop a plan of action and take your parents to a lawyer or counselor to ensure all relevant records are current, and accurate to ensure their requests are met.

Resources to achieve this are available through local senior citizen centers or city and county government social services or organizations such as the American Pensioners' Association (AARP). These sources will likely provide a list of local legal counsels who specialize in helping parents at a reduced cost or for free. For more information about aged care counselling services, you can visit

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Even the most determined older parents can see the value of pre-crisis decision-making and make sure their older children know where to find their information. You may need to bring the discussion forward, but it will be recognized and action be taken if you insist.

The most important thing an adult child needs to realize from an older parent is that no matter where you live or what your parents' situation maybe, you are not alone! A variety of local resources, from senior chaperones to registered nurses, to food delivery and home medical and non-medical care, are readily available.

Many local churches, elderly communities or social services, hospitals, or elderly nonprofit groups can point you in the right direction. All you have to do is ask.