Lighting in your aquarium is necessary for several reasons. First and foremost, good lighting is directly related to the health of your fish as well as the live plants you have added to the aquarium. Second, when you have a large aquarium without adequate lighting, it looks very dull and dull.

So, lighting is needed in an aquarium, but the main question is how much it should be. The second question is – which lamp should you use? You can also buy kessil A160WE tuna blue led light for your aquarium.

Let's discuss the first question in detail. The lighting depends directly on the size of your tank and the number of fish you keep. If you are keeping only cold-water fish, you may not need a lot of light. However, if you are planning a tropical aquarium, it certainly requires good lighting.

If you are planning a saltwater aquarium with several corals, you will need maximum lighting to make it sparkling and attractive.

The size and shape of the aquarium also matter. If you are planning a tank that is relatively deeper, you will need more lighting. The light must penetrate to the bottom of the tank for an effective display.

Fluorescent tubes are usually used to illuminate aquariums. They are available in different lengths and strengths. Now you need to know some special terms related to fluorescent lighting. There are two types of such lamps, 1 "and 5/8" in diameter.

If you are planning a saltwater aquarium, you should choose metal halide lamps. They can result in higher productivity and are therefore more suitable.

Usually, saltwater aquarium inhabitants need strong light. The size of such an aquarium is also large. Therefore, halogen lamps are preferred. More expensive than fluorescent lamps, but very strong and emit natural light.

Some people are attracted to several visual effects other than lighting. In this case, you should consult an expert and you can use a combination of metal halide and fluorescent lamps.