Tents are a great way to mark spaces and outline where there wasn't before. Army tents are available in various sizes so you can be creative with the size and configuration used.

For example, we got creative at an event by pitching an army tent for guests and groups around the dance floor, leaving the center open to create a courtyard effect. To get more details about army tent rentals you may check it here.

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One of the great things about hosting your tent event is that you can get creative with your designs. You start with a completely blank canvas.

Then, when an artist chooses the color and stroke, you can also choose the color and way you want to customize your tent. Some ideas include colored lighting or fairy lights, curtains with finished ceiling panels or fabric strips on the ceiling and walls, chandeliers or pendant lanterns, and more. The possibilities are endless.

Since the tents come in different sizes, you can accommodate as many guests as you like for your party. You can use a small tent for a garden party or a large tent for an elegant wedding or corporate event. 

You can also choose to have a square awning, a rectangular awning, multiple tents, or a wrap-around tent. There are so many different configurations to choose from when renting a tent.