The capsule storage machine has the characteristics of a tight rotary table for separating capsules, the correct storage amount of medicinal powder, the most likely that the capsules will be produced in the machine, strong production capacity, and the realization of the capsule function.

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The automatic capsule loader is robust, compact and easy to use. As soon as the dispenser has filled the correct amount, the dispenser moves from the material container to the gas station. In addition, the rotary tower ensures that the overfill component is fed back into the funnel.

Production capacity is a filling machine fully automatic powerful capsule with capsule adjustment function. The capsule remains in an upright position at the capsule opening until it is filled.

Features include: simple operation, precise repeat counting, control capacity for most forms of tablets, capsules, drage, hard and soft gelatin capsules, fully customizable, quick to prepare, easy to clean, speeds up to two, 200 tablets in minutes , stacking up to 10,000 etc.

This machine can be equipped with a vacuum loader for capsules and dust, thereby reducing the cost of the walking aid. The entire process is carried out on the touch screen, highly automated machines for water, electricity and pneumatics.

The operating principle of the soft gelatin capsule filling machine includes gelatin production, filling material production and the actual encapsulation process.