Nothing is more precious than your child's baptism. You and your child will take many pictures together, as well as the child wearing their gown. There will also be many photos of the day. 

The memories and photos will be treasured forever, but the problem of what to do about the christening dress? Many parents will choose to continue a tradition or start a new one and save the christening dress so that the child can pass it on to their children at their baptism.

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Precious Baby Baptism Dresses

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Cleaning the Baptismal Dress-

If you want your baptismal gown to look as good as it can, this step is crucial. The instructions provided on how to clean the gown will help you decide what steps to take. If there are no instructions, you can either wash the gown yourself or hire a professional dry-cleaner who is familiar with how to properly clean it.

You should not use bleach, whiteners or any other strong cleaners when washing your baptismal gown. You should use a gentle biological cleaner to remove dirt and stains.

If you want your child's baptismal outfit to look its best, both drying and rinsing are essential. To ensure that everything is clean, rinse the garments several times. Next, lay the garments flat so that they can be fully tested. You should not dry your garments with a dryer, as it can damage the fabric and the design.

What types of storage containers are best?

After cleaning, you can store your baptismal gown in one of two ways: in a box, or on a hanging. A white or cream-colored, padded hanger is the best way to store your child’s gown.