If you've never been to the Sierra Nevada national forest and you think you've seen big trees, you haven't seen anything. The Sierra Nevada mountains are home to Giant Sequoia trees, which are the biggest trees in the entire world. In fact, the General Sherman Tree, which is the single biggest tree in the world, is located within this mountain range on the eastern edge of California. Of course there are plenty of really big trees in many parts of the world, but the Giant Sequoia trees truly dwarf the size of just about any other living vegetation on earth.

In order to see the biggest tree in the world in person you'll need to visit Sequoia National Park and go for a short hike out in the wilderness. However, if you don't have the time and money to book a flight to go see the General Sherman tree in Sequoia National Park you can simply watch the video posted to TailHappyTV to see the biggest tree in the world from the comfort of your own home. Obviously watching a video of the biggest tree in the world isn't anything like seeing the General Sherman tree and it's neighboring giant sequoia trees in person, but it can give you a glimpse into the majestic beauty of Sequoia National Park. Matt from TailHappyTV says everyone should have a visit to this national park on their bucket list. If you want to get a feel for just how big the General Sherman tree is checkout the video for yourself.