A good bicycle accident attorney can be very important in helping you get the compensation you deserve. The cause of motorcycle accidents is difficult to prove because motorcycles are much lighter than cars and therefore can be easily moved to the accident site after an accident. You can also take help from the best New York bike accident lawyer

This is why motorcycle accidents can easily go unsolved for a long time, coupled with the fact that motorcycle owners (if at fault) can also quickly get on their bikes and flee the scene. Of course, this is not always the case, as "open" motorcyclists usually have a much higher risk of injury in a car crash.

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Given the injuries that motorcyclists sustain as a result of accidents, it takes a competent motorcycle attorney to successfully sue the claim.

Motorcycle accidents can be fatal as riders can suffer serious injuries that can keep the injured rider confined to a wheelchair for the rest of his life.

Possible motorcycle accident scenarios are:

– A car owner decides to push a motorcyclist aside, either for no reason or perhaps because the motorcyclist is speeding.

– On congested roads, motorcyclists tend to pass through traffic. Most motorists will take this as a rude gesture for motorcyclists to jump between cars. This can result in motorcyclists getting caught between cars, with painful and sometimes fatal consequences.

– Motorcycle accidents are on the rise as young and reckless teens learn to ride on busy highways. This poses a major threat to their safety as most drivers perceive that teenagers are competent drivers and may therefore not be in a rush to brake.