The purpose of the disposal system is to transport waste gas and other products out of the car, allowing vehicles to operate with minimum noise. This decreases the level of smoke and pollution transmitted to the environment. The disposal system must be well maintained to promote clean and efficient car operations.

This is an important component of the car engine and needs to be maintained properly to prevent machines and mileage from suffering. You can buy the best high-performance exhaust system via following are the main components of the Disposal System:

Manifold exhaust: This is the first component of the disposal system. It consists of aluminum, stainless steel, or cast-iron units side by side with the cylinder burning machine and collects exhaust gas from the combustion process.

Catalytic Converter: The catalytic converter function is to complete the gas ignition that has been burned incomplete in the engine combustion chamber. This is a converter that prevents dangerous elements such as nitrogen oxide or carbon monoxide from running away into the atmosphere. It's important that converters are in good working conditions. 

Muffler: The function of the muffler is to reduce the sound of the escaping gas and burning machines. Without it, the noise will immediately escape to the exhaust pipe which will become a big disruption for the driver and pedestrians. Most countries require components in the right working conditions.