By setting up an online payment system on your website, your visitors can easily make purchases. Choosing a payment gateway is a very important part of making online payments. Another very important factor is gateway compatibility. 

Any online payment that is only compatible with some other gateways will automatically limit its functionality. You can now also look for a CBD credit card via

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As a customer, you may not want to do business with merchants or service providers whose online payment gateways are not compatible with the most popular systems. Here are some questions you need to answer before choosing a gateway.

1) Is every transaction guaranteed, with a refund in case of problems – or problems getting support for problem transactions?

2) Security Measures – Does the system use digital signatures? – This prevents hacks.

3) Dynamic IP address record – provides additional security by verifying IP addresses used in previous internet transactions?

4) Does the system have 128-bit Secure Socket Layer protection? – encrypted automatically?

5) How fast is the transaction completed? – Check returns can take several days if not processed electronically. However, regular credit card transactions or electronic money transfers from a funded account should be almost instantaneous.

Payment gateway systems like PayPal, Google Checkout, Epay, and have some great features. Unfortunately, like most Internet problems, bigger businesses are being targeted by hackers. Microsoft Windows has been hacked more than Apple, and Internet Explorer has been hacked more than Firefox.