Would you get an entire vehicle tinted for $99? Needless to say, but what's the actual cost? Generally, the $99 bargain is simply a ploy to get you through the doorway. You can choose from the higher end films and settle for the 99 advertised price but you may be getting the base of the cone merchandise for that $99 price.

Below are a number of types of window films to select from. You can hop over to this site if you are looking for ceramic window tinting in Westlake Village.

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Dyed Nonreflective or 2ply

Dyed nonreflective films would be the lowest forms of life while inside the auto window tinting world. Shops use this type to lure unsuspecting customers with $99 prices. You could have observed these vehicles on the road: purple window film, peeling and bubbling. 

Dyed films offer very little heat protection and rejection. Its sole objective is decorative. Most dyed or two-ply films just carry a three-yr warranty and can cost you more in the future to eliminate and retint which one can save by picking any of these next kinds of tint listed below.

Dyed Hybrids

This really is the most widely used type of window film. They provide moderate heat rejection and come with a lifetime warranty. These films are a combination of dyes and metals. Though these films provide lifetime guarantees, thanks to the dye, they are going to fade slightly with time. The normal cost for this kind of installation may range anywhere from $150- $250.

Full Metal Jacket!

Steel movies contain no dyes and are composed of alloy which provides it an exceptionally reflective look. Steel films provide quite high protection from the heat and will not fade, however, they don't have one draw back.

The metallic components in the picture may impact automotive electronics including your radio system, alarm along with your GPS. These pictures have a lifetime warranty that also covers disappearing.