Many people are aware of the increasing number of vegans. A vegan is someone who not only abstains from eating meat but also abstains from any animal products. They avoid dairy products, and will not eat any food that contains animal fat. True vegans avoid all animal-related products in their daily lives, including skin care and washing. 

There are no horse hair brushes, animal extracts in makeup, and, most importantly, there are no animal-related products in cleaners or moisturizers. This market has been ignored for decades by mainstream skin care product laboratories. They would argue that this market is too small to allow them to issue vegetarian skin care products. 

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These products are now available in several places thanks to the internet. Although most mainstream skin care companies don't bother to offer a vegan-friendly line of products, many certified organic products can be used. Organic and vegan can be combined as long as the ingredients are derived from non-animal sources.

Kukui nut oil is becoming a more popular ingredient in creams and moisturizers. This rare and special ingredient comes from the kukui nuts and can make your skin look amazing when it is added to moisturizers and creams. Kukui Nut oil is rich in vitamins A, F, and E. This extract helps your skin stay hydrated, and also makes it more flexible and elastic. 

The apple is another popular organic and vegan option for skin care. Apple extract is a popular ingredient in skin care products for generations due to its remarkable ability to keep skin young, tight, and silky smooth. It smells great.