Leading providers of packaging, sealers, and sorbent systems, have announced the availability of “child-resistant” pouches to combat accidental ingestion of poisons by children, especially curious toddlers. These child-resistant pouches are designed to meet ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) D3475 Child Resistant standards. 

With the proliferation of consumer products that resemble candy or treats, there’s been an uptick in incidents of accidental poisoning. Child proof zipper bags can drastically reduce these tragic incidents by offering special child-resistant packaging shaded to minimize interest by curious children.  Various sizes of the pouch can be made by packaging companies upon request.

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These modified pouches require two-handed dexterity to open the package. It’s easy for adults to open and access the contents, but extremely difficult for children to do so.  These child-proof bags are great for all sorts of products, from cleaning “pods” that resemble hard candy to medical marijuana.

Each year in the US 800,000 children are rushed to the emergency room, victims of accidental poisoning.  About 90 percent of those poisonings occur in the home. A zipper unit for a packaging bag is provided comprising a sealing zipper to seal the packaging bag in an ally sealed state. The sealing zipper is configured to be opened with the opening operation of the packaging bag. This will prevent children from opening the bag and access the content inside.