Melasma is a common skin disease that affects both men and women. Melasma can give you an unpleasant appearance or dark brown spots on your face. Melasma can be treated with contemporary technologies and creams and lotions, you haven't anything to worry about. 

Common treatments for the elimination of melasma include sunscreen, bleach, and laser skin therapy, chemical peels, etc. Sun protection is the most important and traditional method of treating melasma. Certainly, you cannot always prevent the harmful rays of sunlight; Daily use of an SPF sunblock will help you protect from harmful sun rays. You may look at this website to know more about the best treatment for melasma. 


Utilization of topical – depressive agent is usually the first course of action. Available with all these substances; Hydroquinone remains regarded as a standard ingredient for treating hyperpigmentation of the skin. Precaution must be utilized though, and remember to use it under the aid of a physician; The recommended dose of hydroquinone is 4 percent or less.

Utilizing more than what is prescribed can pose a health hazard. Bleaching cream is also frequently used with hydroquinone to whiten skin. Bleaching cream lightens the skin by decreasing the action of melanocytes, leading to reduced pigmentation.

Melasma has also been associated with hormonal fluctuations, so for girls who begin experiencing the existence of menopause after taking birth control pills or taking HRT (hormone replacement therapy), you should see your individual doctor. And ask if this really is a reason? Changing your birth control pills or adjusting your hormonal replacement therapy might just be the answer. The use of natural supplements has led to a lot of promising outcomes, which treat the human body's hormonal imbalance.

Chemical peels combined with exfoliative agents can also be used to treat melasma. Even though the potency of mild skin peeling agents is rather poor when using a powerful peeling agent, it may do work that is quite risky due to unwanted side effects, inducing conditions such as burning, excessive peeling, and scorching. 

One such remedy is the use of laser treatment to eliminate dark skin pigmentation. Another is an ultraviolet light treatment that can help promote skin pigmentation.

You might have to try several products before getting the right item. But most of these products enhance the overall appearance of melasma according to your skin type; Results are often seen for around three months.