It can be difficult and expensive to build your climbing frame. With actions' state-of-the-art 3D design software, you can now design your climbing frame online using a wide range of accessories and parts.

You can create your design using actions. This is much cheaper than building your frame. There are many things to take into consideration when designing a climbing frame, including your child's height, age, and gender.

It is important to consider what your child needs from the climbing frame, whether they are for imagination play or just a place to hang out. You should also consider using a variety of connectors and towers when designing your Climbing frame.

climbing frame accessories

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Your child won't like a one-tower frame with only one accessory. Action has many towers to suit all ages. The York tower is a good choice for young children with short legs. It offers several platforms that are easily accessible to children of different heights.

The Victory boat is a great choice for imaginative play. It has all the same features as a standard frame, but it's shaped like a boat. It is the centerpiece of the frame, and accessories will follow.

We recommend using a swing arm when choosing climbing frame accessories. This allows you to easily change the swing seat as your child grows, rather than having to buy a new frame.