Nothing can beat a new front door to update the exterior of your home. New storm doors and front entry doors are an excellent investment, whether you're upgrading your home because you're moving or just looking to update your entryway.

A new entryway can instantly give your property a facelift. This is not the only benefit. You can also increase the resale value of your home with storm doors. If you want to get a new front door for your home in Woodbridge, then you can contact Windtek Windows and Doors Ltd..


A new door is likely to be more energy-efficient. It's not just light coming through your door's gaps, but also heat. These gaps allow in lots of cold air in winter, hot air, and bugs in summer. You might find that updating is almost worth it considering how much energy you can save.

You might feel overwhelmed when choosing storm doors or front entry doors. There are many options available, including steel, wood veneer, fiberglass, and steel. Although steel is strong, it is not as durable as fiberglass and wood. It can also be damaged by elements like rain or snow. 

The most expensive option for homeowners is real wood. Regular maintenance is required for real wood, including repairing scratches and refinishing or repainting. This is not something that many homeowners want to do.

Fiberglass is stronger and virtually maintenance-free. Fiberglass is twice as durable as doors made from steel or wood, and the foam core provides extra insulation against the elements. It can be made to look just like real wood for a fraction of its price, and you have a wide range of fiberglass options that will fit any homeowner's budget.