It's a fact that as your online business grows, a big part of your time can be spent in pick and pack and shipment of your goods to customers. As a result, you find less time to concentrate on growing your business and thus leaving the growth of your business as an afterthought. There are some companies that provide fulfillment services, you can search the best fulfillment companies in Canada via

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Responding to this limitation, companies around the world have warmed up to the idea of outsourcing order fulfillment services to third parties in order to cope with this problem. Though order fulfillment services save companies time and money, it is vital to keep some important points in mind before selecting the right order fulfillment service provider.

As they say in the real estate world, it's all about location, location, location. The order fulfillment/logistics industry is no different. A key consideration is the proximity location of the order fulfillment company's warehouse facilities to the consumers. 

Warehouse facilities that are not well connected to the logistics infrastructure (roads, rail, airports) result in higher shipping costs i.e., costs that you will eventually be responsible for. 

Another key consideration is your partner's ability to scale in response to your business growth. The right partner listens as well as they speak; always anticipating your needs. In this regard two points are important: first, the storage capacity, and second, easy access to a reliable labor pool.