False lashes are one of the big fashion trends of the season. These great beauty accessories are becoming very popular right now on TV, from celebrities who have doubled their X-factor lashes to the glamorous lashes that have caught the eye of Strictly Come Dancing.

There are two types of false lashes that you can buy both on the market and online. You can also hop over to gladgirl to buy false eyelashes online.

These are the attached artificial lashes and separate artificial lashes. False lash strips are usually more popular than single ones because they apply more quickly. Individual lashes must be glued onto each lash you wish to lengthen. However, they last longer than lashes.

False lashes are worn by teenagers and women of all ages (and in some cases, men!). Eyelash style depends on the person and the case. Some lashes are too extreme for everyday use and are often used for parties or special events.

Why wear false lashes? Not all women are endowed with beautiful long lashes and are looking for other ways to lengthen their own lashes. You can draw more attention to your eyes. False lashes can make your lashes look full.

If you have never tried these beauty accessories, it is advisable to start with the shorter ones as they can provide beneficial results.