There are many insurance options available. You need to decide which one you should choose. You may also end up paying more for insurance if you don't know what the terms mean, such as deductibles and premiums. When choosing a plan to purchase, it is important to decide whether you want an individual or group health plan.

An agent is required to help you obtain an individual insurance plan in Virginia. Individual policies are subject to different laws and regulations than the group or job-based plans. In fact, individual policies often offer less protection and benefits than group insurance plans. This varies from one state to the next. You can also get customized health coverage for individuals online.

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A disadvantage to an individual insurance plan is the possibility of being turned down due to your health. Certain insurance companies do not cover you if your pre-existing conditions are present. Some insurance companies offer what they call a "drug card". 

You can use this card to buy prescription drugs, but it will not be covered by your individual insurance policy. The individual insurance policy can be restrictive in terms of services and coverage. The group insurance plan will be offered to employees if you work for a company. This insurance is considered the most user-friendly. 

This insurance plan offers coverage regardless of your current health status. You can get coverage for pre-existing conditions, but typically for 12 to 18 months.