Use the FBA preparation service (implemented by Amazon) to ensure your products are packaged and ready to ship. Proper packaging and preparation reduces delivery time, protects your items while at the center of Amazon's implementation, and provides a better customer experience.

With the right service in Canada, they ensure that your inventory is prepared and shipped to Amazon according to Amazon's regulations and standards. WareIQ is a software platform that connects and centralizes a national network of performance centers and remote couriers. You can find the best  FBA prep agency in Canada online.

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The setup service ensures proper packaging and preparation, which helps reduce latency. Attending a scheduled meeting at the Amazon Implementation Center is a problem because the item checklists are complex to implement.

FBA's setup services ensure quality control, streamlining, and compliance with Amazon's standards, whether it's properly preparing fragile items or repackaging thousands of SKUs for barcode-only products. WareIQ's automated order fulfillment system ensures efficient and accurate picking and packaging.

Keeping track of many different storage units or SKUs that require different setup services can be difficult. You should ask yourself if your company can afford to return its products or charge a non-compliance fee for not complying with FBA standards.

Outsourced FBA setups are a cost-effective way to move inventory. With WareIQ smart technology, SKUs are mapped to sales channels for effective performance.