GPS vehicle tracking is a device that tracks the exact location of an installed vehicle, person or other asset using the Global Positioning System. It also logs asset locations periodically on a central server system, verified by their owners.

Tracking data can be stored on the device or transmitted to a central server software or to a computer connected to the Internet via a satellite communications modem, radio, or local area network (GPRS). 

You can download the best GPS vehicle tracking system so that it can be easily viewed in real time or analyzed later, either in the map background or in text format, depending on user preferences and system settings. The system can be used for law enforcement, wildlife tracking, electronic tagging, telematics, and real-time location.

There must be a valid business purpose for installing vehicle tracking. Businesses that need this system are those who have a car or fleet to run their business. Businesses like transportation, distribution, utilities and others that need vehicles to transport their goods or services to customers on a daily basis need a GPS tracking system to track the activities of their employees and increase productivity and profits.

GPS vehicle tracking also makes it easy to recover stolen vehicles. By installing this small device in your car, you can monitor its position at all times. Devices can store data or transmit data to remote locations via satellite, radio, or cellular networks.