Everyone is trying to save money and with the advent of various home hair treatment kits, we can cut down on salon visits. Hot oil, deep conditioning treatments, and hair dye are just a few of the popular treatments you can do on your own. 

On the other hand, relaxing and rebonding hair requires a professional to do the job.  That is why a hair care salon in Singapore can help you get the required results and maintain the beauty of your hair.

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Hair relaxation is the process of applying a lotion or cream to straighten hair or make it less frizzy. The active ingredient in most relaxers is usually a strong alkali, others contain ammonium thioglycolate. 

If you've ever tried to relax your hair before, you know that the active ingredient can burn your scalp with even just a small drop. This process needs to be done as quickly as possible and it is not possible that you can cover every section of your hair on your own. 

Hair straighteners for home use are widely available but the problem is that they don't have many instructions and if you misuse the product you will definitely find one of these: hair breakage, lack of hair growth, thinning hair, skin irritation, scalp, scalp damage and hair loss. 

Go to a trusted hair salon to relax your hair, a beauty professional will always know what to do, so don't risk your hair.

In addition to relaxing your hair, there is another way to straighten your hair without the irritation of your scalp and harmful chemicals, and it's known as hair bonding. Reattaching hair is a tedious process, so you really want someone to do it for you. Leave it in the hands of the expert!