A trip to Ireland is never just about castles and Guinness breweries. The sights of Ireland are stunning for thousands of visitors. For tourists en route to Ireland, rural Ireland tours are a common feature.

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Dingle Road is known by this name for the trail that takes you through the Dingle Mountains in Ireland. You'll pass small country villages, perfect beaches, stunning rocks and mountains, and constant views of the Irish countryside.

To start your journey along the Dingle Way, you must head to the Dingle Peninsula near the town of Tralee.

From the town of Tralee to your first stop at Camp Village, about 19 km away, the Dingle hike will take you through beautiful, unspoiled natural landscapes.

At one point you come to a centuries-old Irish church and enjoy the beautiful views of the Slieve Mish Mountains.

Your second day of the trip will take you to the village of Annaskol, one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, Inch Strind.

For those who love to travel to Ireland, a tour of Kerry's Way is essential. It's twice as long as the Dingle Way and is often a demanding path – certainly not for the faint of heart.

Starting in Killarney – an important tourist town. You start your hike in Killarney and follow a trail that cuts through the Irish countryside that will take you back to square one.