The home theater system is designed to provide commercial theater performances and a home atmosphere. The equipment and components needed to install a home theater must be purchased on the market.

Pre-installation planning includes the availability of various home theater tools. Once you have all the necessary tools, it is important to measure the distances between components and not to keep cables too long or short. You can also hire professionals for home theater installation through

Plasma assembly should be carried out at a suitable height. Installation of the projector should not be obstructed e.g. for example, vents, smoke alarms, hanging fans, or other objects that might block the projector.

Make sure the screen and projector are properly aligned. CAT-5 and HDMI are speaker cables that must be connected to each home theater location.

For people who have difficulty installing a home theater, digital television, and antenna system, there are many companies that offer services and have custom packages to suit the budget and needs of the customer. The services they offer are:

  • Digital TV Installation.
  • Adjust audio and video devices.
  • Plasma TV and LCD TV installation and cabinet.
  • Flat-screen TV installation.
  • Install the projector and screen.
  • Digital TV antenna enhancement.
  • Hi-fi and surround sound installation and speakers.

Many installation companies are government-approved and provide services that include installing a complete antenna system (antenna, base, output, and cable), enlarging the antenna, installing additional sockets, and repairing the antenna.