Introducing Honeywell's brand new safety products. Brought to you by the industry leaders in home safety with more than a century of experience. Let us help you keep your family safe and Honeywell keeps you safe from harm by providing innovative solutions with trusted quality.

Honeywell, one of the world's largest suppliers of Safety Products, has launched a range of new safety products that are designed to improve workplace health and productivity.

The team at Honeywell is excited to announce a brand new family of safety products, which include fire-alarm, door-control and access control systems. Our mission at Honeywell is to improve the world through superior performance, innovation and technology. This complete line of brand new, state-of-the-art products is sure to fulfil our promise by enhancing personal security, property protection and overall home safety for those who use them.

 Honeywell Safety Products, a leading manufacturer of fire protection and security products, is proud to announce the launch of their new line of safety products. The innovative new line includes safety lights, smoke detectors and other fire prevention devices. The new products have been designed by Honeywell's product development team in order to offer customers new and improved ways of protecting their homes against fires.

These devices are designed to alert you if there is a fire, carbon monoxide, water leak or flood in your home. They're easy to install and use, and give you peace of mind knowing that you have a reliable safety device protecting your family.

Introducing 5 New Safety Products From Honeywell

From the makers of the world's most trusted home security systems, Honeywell is bringing you five new products that can help keep your home safe and secure.

1. Honeywell Face Shield Headgear

 The Honeywell Face Shield Headgear is a new product from Honeywell that was designed with the worker in mind. The headgear is made from soft yet durable materials, so it will not create discomfort or irritation. The design of the headgear also makes it easy to wear for both men and women. The face shield itself is made from polycarbonate, which is a very strong material that can withstand heavy impact. It is also shatter-proof, so you do not have to worry about damaging it while you are working on different projects around your home or office.

2. Honeywell Hard Coat Safety Glasses

The new Honeywell Hard Coat eyewear offers unprecedented optical clarity and a slim design for comfortable wear. The lens is scratch-resistant and meets ANSI Z87.1+ standards for high-impact protection. The frames are lightweight and impact-resistant, with adjustable nosepieces that can be customized for a perfect fit. They come in two styles: a low-profile frame designed for use by workers who use their hands often and need maximum visibility while working; and a larger frame suitable for tradespeople who need full head protection without sacrificing comfort. Both styles are available in clear or dark smoke-tinted lenses.

3. Honeywell North Safety Cartridge For Gases And Vapors Protection

The Honeywell North Safety Cartridge For Gases And Vapors Protection is an excellent product that is designed to protect you from dangerous gases and vapors. This cartridge is lightweight and easy to carry, which makes it perfect for use in any environment. It comes with a filter that removes up to 99% of organic vapors, including formaldehyde and ammonia. The cartridge also has a valve that helps prevent the escape of toxic gases through backflow.

4. Honeywell Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet Without Glass

The Honeywell Tigerhood Classic Welding Helmet Without Glass features an auto-darkening lens that adjusts automatically to changing light conditions. The user can adjust the sensitivity of the auto-darkening lens using a dial located on top of the helmet, which allows you to fine-tune your vision based on your needs and preferences.

5. Honeywell Thunder T1s Headband Earmuffs

The Thunder T1s are a pair of headband earmuffs that are designed for comfort and durability. They feature two padded headbands to distribute the weight more evenly, which makes them comfortable to wear for long periods of time. The Thunder T1s also have a non-slip grip and a padded headband with an adjustable fit. These features help keep the earmuffs in place while you're working, so they don't slip or become loose while you're wearing them. The Thunder T1s come in three different sizes (small, medium and large) so you can find the right fit for your head size and comfort preferences.