There is a growing amount of research and publications on the strength of personal endurance while managing pressure and avoid stress. However, many organizations still want to focus on stress management or wellness programs.  To get more details about resilience programme you can check here

Components of Personal Resilience

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Although this is better than no way they, and their personnel, would benefit from placing our attention to develop personal resilience.

Sense of purpose

 This is the basis for all the others. Not everyone is clear about their goals and it is often something that you can define as you move through life. The stronger sense of purpose more prepared you for the challenges of handling and setbacks and to recover from them.

 If you are not clear, it can lead to feelings of frustration or without purpose. Being able to identify these can help you to feel you have a more meaningful life.

Positive realism

It involves the ability to generate positive thoughts and feelings about the situation. If you slip to the other side, ask what you gain by taking that negative view of things? Practice seeing the glass as half full, see the positive and you will start to feel different.


People matter to us. Supporting and caring relationship is very important. Interpersonal communication skills and can be an important element of your ability to be tough and how well you can handle the situation or difficult times. Having people around you can reach when you need support or help is a real asset.