Abstract paintings don't have a subject. This art form does not attempt to look like anything. Abstract paintings are based on their color, form, and specific features. Abstract art paintings remove the monotonous realism.

Abstract art is distinct from realism because abstract painting is fluid. Kandinsky's work is an example. A geometric abstract painting can also be called one. Mondrian's abstract paintings are a great example of this. You can also look for the best abstrakte bilder(abstract images) via https://motiv-art.eu/collections/abstrakte-kunst-bilder.

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Abstract art refers to paintings that represent non-visual elements such as emotion, sound, or spiritual experience. Abstract painting can also be classified as figurative abstractions or reality simplifications. This means that details are removed from identifiable objects and only the essence or a degree of recognition is retained.

With the introduction of analytical cubism and synthetic cubism, abstract art painting gained greater relevance. Synthetic cubism uses strong colors and decorative shapes in order to disassemble an object and "synthesize," its structural lines.

Abstract expressionism was a movement that used abstract painting and expressionism in the 1940s. Abstract expressionism is a movement that uses paint to quickly and forcefully create large canvases to convey emotions and feelings.

Sometimes paint is dripped onto canvas or thrown onto it. Its followers' work is marked by a strong dependency on what appears to be chance and accident but is actually very planned. Abstract expressionist artists sought to find a peaceful, magical way to create abstract images.