The first question to ask is: Can med techs and other laboratory workers transition from technical roles into sales? It depends.

Although the odds of success are slim, those who can overcome them will likely become great sales reps. It's a love-it or hate-it proposition. This is why? The laboratory is a black or white world. 

Sales is a complex world with many variables and many possibilities. There are also many more people to deal with. A laboratory worker from The Clinician Exchange who is able to deal with uncertainty and change, and has excellent people skills, will be highly successful.

If you have the technical knowledge required to succeed in laboratory sales, then how can you make the leap into the field?

Take a ride with some sales reps before you do anything else. Ask questions about the job and what a typical day looks like. 

Find out how you can be competitive in your job search and the field. It is logical to ask lab sales representatives for names so you can shadow them. You can keep the conversation low by asking for names from labs that you don't know.

* Get job shadowing experience to enhance your resume with keywords that will be flagged by computerized track systems. Your resume will need to be rewritten to make it more sales-oriented while still highlighting your technical skills.

* Learn everything you can about medical sales. This blog has hundreds of articles.

* Increase your professional network. Create a LinkedIn profile if you haven’t already. To find out more about the sales world and to make new contacts, join our sales groups.