Here we discuss in detail about button-up shirts. These tips from professional graphic designers will make your amateur custom button-up shirts look more professional.

Choosing the Right Font – Make sure you choose a font that is consistent with your message when choosing fonts for your button up shirts online. If you are designing humorous button-up shirts, make sure it has a fun feel. 

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You should choose a font with a sensual feel if you are designing cool button-up shirts. If you are designing button-up shirts for a professional, serious law firm, don't use a font that has letters shaped like kittens.

Tracking and Kerning – Font text that is entered into a computer program often has spaces between letters and words that are uneven and sometimes too large. The extra space between the letters and words makes the text look unprofessional and awkward. 

It also makes it harder to read, as the words don’t visually fit together as one unit. Even though the viewer may not notice, it makes the text look a little more difficult and gives them a feeling of unease. This problem is easily solved for novice shirt designers by using a combination of tracking and kerning. You can even search online for more information about button-up shirts.