Wacom's new Cintiq 21UX has several new features that will impress both consumers and critics alike. In fact, this new model can be seen as an upgrade from the previous 18SX. As a result, this time several new features have been added to the device. This includes a larger screen, 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity, and keyboard shortcuts located close to the screen.

Another great feature of this device is that it is both very light and thinner than the previous model. With this tool, you can easily zoom, scroll and make adjustments to your tools with minimal effort. That is why renting a Cintiq 21UX is a great idea. You can click over here to rent cintiq 21UX from rental companies in Los Angeles.

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Obviously the two keyboard shortcuts – Touch Strip and Express Keys – are great additions to this device. They are strategically placed and significantly reduce the need for a keyboard. So you can work faster and more spontaneously. The hotkeys are arranged so that you can use them for the most important device functions. However, they are programmable so you can assign them specific tasks at will.

On the other hand, the Touch Strip is best for scaling and scrolling. These buttons are located together with the express keys on both sides of the screen, making it easy and fast to use with the left and right hands. Of course, combining these two keyboard shortcuts with a stylus creates a huge advantage for Cintiq 21UX users. That is why thousands of people rushed to pick up this brilliant device.